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Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-16 um

Zurich, 16.04.2021


Today Katharina from Kontextur published our Interview about Nora Walter Images.

Find the whole article here:

Zürich, 09.04.2021


Yesterday the first of a series of workshops I prepared in collaboration with Johannes Kappler and Lisa Yamaguchi for the HM Munich took place. 

The Master students design studio will be accompanied by workshops about image-making. In a first step, they will discover and exercise their own skills and language of their rough concept on urban scale.

Very curious about the results!

© Dreisterneplus

Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-09 um

Zurich, 10.03.2021


First NWI Drone flight!


Zurich, 05.03.2021


I had a great day with a workshop for students from Cambridge University, thanks to their Department of Architecture. The students worked on their own images for a day and came up with beautiful scenes and ideas.

© Caruso St John Architects


Zurich, 02.03.2021


Teaming up with my friends Studio Komaba and Zora Syren from Zurich and Munich,  we've won the third price in an urban competition in Winnenden, Germany organized by the IBA’27.

Learn more about that here:

Zurich, 02.03.2021


This is the result of a recent 90-minutes Live Photoshop Workshop that  i've done with students from the University of Nottingham!

I used an image of Federico Farinatti Photography as background and a proposal of Studio Komaba for the 3D.

Many thanks to Rosamund, Elena and Bob from the department of Architecture and Built Environment for a creative insight to the field of teaching.

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